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One of My Books is Live!

14 Jun

My book Foleytown¬† is finally on sale online, although the ebook hasn’t shown up at Amazon yet and I’m trying to iron that out with the publisher. But you can order the physical book for $13.99 and the ebook for $3.99 at Authorhouse;¬†the dead-tree version is also $13.99 Amazon. Note: If you buy it from Authorhouse I get a few more shekels than if you buy it from Amazon.

Here’s a description of the book:

Foleytown is a special place…a place where there is always a shortage of money but never a shortage of laughs. Follow the children of the large, financially struggling Foley clan as they navigate through “bloody” pomegranate fights, epic games of Christmas Card War, homemade bridesmaid dresses, fears of itinerant serial killers, and the cherished summer tradition they called “Prune-Why-Oh” – all while learning how to grow up in a very unfashionable part of California.

If you order it, please leave me a review at either Authorhouse or Amazon. Thanks!


‘The Warriors of the Sand’; Another Ghost Story

12 Mar

Now this one really IS a ghost story. I had long wanted to write about the peculiar and haunting ghost town of Bodie, California for more than a decade, since a classmate in a basic HTML class showed me some photos that he had taken there. The town of “Shelby” in my story is obviously based on Bodie; the story also references an old horror/fantasy story I read long ago entitled The Janissaries of Emillion. It’s kind of funny how these influences came together to produce my latest spookfest.

Here, without much further ado, is The Warriors of the Sand, in PDF format. I hope you like it!