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Beardsley Inspired Drawings

18 Jun

My post about Aubrey Beardsley from a few days ago nudged me to go look for some Beardsley inspired pen-and-ink drawings from an old (almost 40 years!) college notebook. See what you think:

New Look At Beardsley

14 Jun

My fondness for the work of the late 19th Century British illustrator Aubrey Beardsley has little to do with the subject matter; more to do with the fantastic, unique line quality of his pen-and-ink drawings. Here is a short but sweet article in The New Yorker about a current Beardsley mini-revival. 

Mentions of Beardsley always remind me of the late ’70s tune by Rod Stewart, You’re In My Heart. The lyrics, which reference “Your fashion sense, your Beardsley prints,”  are the main reason why I don’t agree with people who think that Stewart is a schmaltzy hack as a songwriter. Anybody who knows who Aubrey Beardsley is can’t possibly be a hack.