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New Abstract Work Listed

22 Jun

“Jungle Cat 2” is my latest abstract work. It’s acrylic on birch wood cradle, meant to be hung without a frame as all the sides are painted in copper metallic paint. I couldn’t accurately capture the true interplay of color and texture, due to the use of a lot of shiny gold and copper metallic paint. It’s a lot richer in real life. Here’s the link to the listing at Etsy.

More New Work — Abstract

25 Apr
Two new paintings by SKColeArt in mid-century abstract style. 

This one is another entrant in my series of meditations on mid-century Abstract Expressionism:

"Deep Purple" water color and ink on an acrylic impasto underpainting

“Deep Purple” water color and ink on an acrylic impasto underpainting

And a tribute to another mid-century type of art, that of the Italian minimalist painter, Giorgio Morandi:


“Bottles” water color, ink on archival paper, over an acrylic impasto underpainting.

Both are 18″ x 24″ on Strathmore 140 lb. archival paper and both are for sale in my Etsy shop.

Here’s a little bit about Giorgio Morandi.

New Work Posted For Sale

9 Mar

“Yellow Nude” (first painting) is one of the best things I’ve done in a long time, IMHO. “Yellow Nude” can be purchased here. “Spanish House in Berkeley” (painting number two) is available here. “Rollin’ in the Pink”  (third painting) is available at the link, and “Fish” (last painting) can be purchased here.

Abstract Nude Oil Painting -"Yellow Nude" - Midcentury Art, Midsize wall art, 14" x 20"

Expressionist Cityscape Painting in Oil - Spanish House in Berkeley - Midsize Wall ArtAbstract Art Midcentury Style - Original Painting in Water Color, 7" x 9", Small Wall Art

Abstract Water Color Painting, "Fish", Small Art, 7" x 9", Blue Painting

New Work: Watercolors

17 Feb

I’ve posted some new work in my Etsy shop: Here
and: Here, too .

I Remember the Mad Men. . .

30 Sep

Starburst clocks, kidney-shaped coffee tables, and big-eyed children in Walter Keane paintings! I was “into” what’s now called “midcentury style” long before it became a craze because of the popularity of TV’s Mad Men. And that’s mainly because I’m old enough to remember when it was all cool the first time!

Yup, I grew up with this stuff, and today when I surf the net looking for midcentury memorabilia, I’m always getting little memory jogs about things I’d forgotten long ago.

Like the pencil box I had in first grade (1966) that featured a print of a Keane painting on the cover. (Two big-eyed waifs dancing to music from a record player–oops–I meant turntable.) I have no idea whatever happened to that pencil box, but I haunt Ebay and other vintage sales sites looking for its doppelganger–’cause I’m sure it’s out there somewhere!

Midcentury style definitely wasn’t at all cool in the late ’80s/early ’90s, but I created a lot of abstract watercolors in those days anyways, inspired by midcentury abstract art biggies like Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock, and Jasper Johns. I guess I always knew it would come back in style eventually–most things do.

The piece below is a good example of my style from that period. One of the cool things I like about it is that it features a slightly raised underpainting in white Elmer’s glue–a first grade arts ‘n crafts trick adapted to a very adult piece of work.

After the glue dried, I washed layers of watercolor over it, and the colors settled into the nooks and crannies of the glue relief and created some very cool effects. You can see the glue under-pattern pretty well in this digital photo. (Although, of course, it looks much better in real life)

“Mad Men Style” Abstract Painting, Copyright S.K. Cole, 2012. All rights reserved