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My First Venture Into Giclee Prints. . .

6 Oct

My first venture into the art of giclee printing (fancy, archival-quality digital prints on good paper) was created from my popular “Crazy Salad” watercolor/colored pencil painting. The original painting was sold a few weeks ago to a lady in Illinois. It was a sample illustration for a book jacket for the hilarious 1973 Nora Ephron book of essays entitled Crazy Salad. Nora Ephron’s three early collections of essays — Crazy Salad, Wallflower at the Orgy, and Scribble, Scribble, plus her autobiographical novel Heartburn–were all big influences on my own comedy/autobiographical writing style (excerpts of which I will post here at some point.)

The giclee prints of my Crazy Salad painting came out very well. The Decor cold-press paper is gorgeous and the printmaker captured the colors fairly accurately. I’m selling them for $30 apiece at my Etsy site, plus shipping and sales tax (if applicable.)

Crazy Salad Giclee Print of Original Watercolor Painting, Kitchen Art, Kitchen Decor, Vegetable Art

“Crazy Salad,” Copyright 2012, by S. K. Cole. All rights reserved.