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Film Concept Blog

30 Jul

A blog I found recently tracks the story of a short science fiction film called “Novos” that is currently in progress. The blog shows a lot of interesting concept art pieces and storyboarding sketches. 

Storyboarding is a lucrative gig for some artists, but I was never very good at it myself. Primarily because I am more of a painter than a draughtsman. I suppose I could learn to do it adequately if I practiced enough, though.

Drawing of a Musketeer

8 Oct

Here’s a couple of shots from a drawing of a Musketeer I did in a Clothed Figure Drawing class at the Academy of Art in the summer of 2011, when I returned to my alma mater to take advantage of the free drawing classes they offer to their alumni, for the first time in almost thirty years. My old Clothed Figure Drawing instructor, Bill Sanchez, was still presiding like a lovable tyrant over Bradley Hall, the big, creaky, Edwardian ballroom at the 540 Powell Street building that has been the exclusive domain of the Illustration Department’s drawing classes for ever since anyone can remember.

Sketched in colored pencil and charcoal, my Musketeer drawings turned out rather well IMHO, considering that I hadn’t drawn a figure from life in three decades when I did them.

Clothed Figure drawing classes are different from regular figure drawing classes because the models dress up in costumes from storybooks and act out typical poses for their characters. The elvin keepers of Bradley Hall mysteriously maintain a vast store of props and costumes for their models to dress up in, as cowboys, Revolutionary War soldiers, doctors, Arab sheikhs, Frankensteins, and on and on.

They were great classes for learning all about how different types of fabric drape across the human body, and for how hats fit on human heads, and how boots and shoes fit on human feet. I took three whole units of Clothed Figure, but I did not save a single drawing from those classes–I just didn’t think they were worth carting around to all my various addresses over the years.  Now, I kind of regret that.

Musketeer 2/3 lengthMusketeer Head