New Hobby

14 Mar

I’ve found a hobby that helps me keep my writing skills sharp even when I’m feeling “uninspired.” I’ve been voluntarily updating plot lines for obscure TV show episodes and movies on the Internet Movie Database. It’s a challenge because the plot line field is limited to around 240 characters, so the writer has to be really concise, yet still make the episode sound interesting.

I’m limited by the fact that I can usually only write updates for things I’ve found on YouTube, or for DVDs I already own. But there seems to be plenty of material posted on YouTube. Currently, I’m updating the plot lines for a forgotten British series of the mid-70s called “Shadows.” It’s a horror/fantasy anthology series, which is kind of my specialty. Just going by what’s posted on YouTube, the Brits seem to have made endless numbers of these horror anthology shows since the dawn of the television age.

Here’s a sample of “Shadows”:

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