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Film Concept Blog

30 Jul

A blog I found recently tracks the story of a short science fiction film called “Novos” that is currently in progress. The blog shows a lot of interesting concept art pieces and storyboarding sketches. 

Storyboarding is a lucrative gig for some artists, but I was never very good at it myself. Primarily because I am more of a painter than a draughtsman. I suppose I could learn to do it adequately if I practiced enough, though.

Former Professor Paints in Egg Tempera

30 Jul

You don’t often see articles today about artists who use this medium. In addition to using egg tempera, he also uses scratch paintings and pastels, often in an intricate combination.  Interesting story and work. 

“The method evolved out of my allergies,” Mr. Seymour explained. “I’ve always been sensitive to smells. I can’t tolerate perfumes or fingernail polish. They affect my nervous system.” Oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints affect him the same way. After someone suggested trying egg tempera, he fell in love with the medium, which dominated European art up to the 15th century. “It preceded oil painting,” he continued. “The thought that something could last that long intrigued me.”

Girl Creates Watercolor ‘Bot’

30 Jul

A 12-year-old girl has created a robotic device that turns computer scribblings into watercolor paintings:

“Sylvia Todd, a 12-year-old with a passion for robots, has created what she calls the WaterColorBot. It’s a robot that looks a little like a 3D printer. As its name implies, however, it creates works of art with watercolor paint instead of plastic.

So, how does it work? It’s quite simple really. The user connects the robot to their PC via USB and powers up the included RoboPaint software. From there, the machine paints whatever the user creates in the software.”

Under Construction

28 Jul

I’ve just found out that many of my earlier posts have broken image links. So, apologies to archive visitors. I’m trying to fix them, but it’s taking some time to hunt down the proper photos, etc (in my earlier posts I didn’t store everything in the WordPress blog media file.)  When you have as much work to document as I do, you lose track of things.

In the meantime, enjoy my more recent archives, as those images are properly posted.

From Arabic Calligraphy to Corporate Graphic Design

28 Jul

From the Financial Times, an interesting story about how an Iraqi refugee leveraged his Arabic calligraphy skills to make a new life for himself in Dubai.

Amazon Will Sell Fine Art Online

27 Jul

From The Street, a report that Amazon is building an online fine art vending siteIt doesn’t sound like Amazon plans a self-listing, artist-driven site like Etsy, DailyPaintworks, or Lualla, etc. It sounds more like the e-commerce giant will be drawing its art inventory from established brick-and-mortar gallleries. It should be interesting to see how they fare in the online art world: (AMZN_), which will report its latest quarterly earnings Thursday after the markets close, will soon be offering rare paintings, prints and other one-of-a kind fine art to discerning clients.

Yes, you read it correctly: AMZN will soon be revealing a new site with works of art from around 100 galleries around the U.S. This summer has seen the Colossus of e-Commerce hosting fancy receptions in major cities like New York, San Francisco and its home town of Seattle to make a splash about it.

My Latest Watercolor Listed

26 Jul

(I’m reposting this with a better photograph.  The first one posted kind of blurry.)

Here’s my latest watercolor painting, “Blossoms of Mule Ears,” newly listed at my Etsy shop. It’s of mule ear flowers I painted while visiting the Sierra Nevada foothills. These flowers appear quite mundane when seen from a distance in the field, but if you look at them close up, the intricate detail in the center is amazing:

Mule Ear Blossoms, Pinecrest, California. Watercolor on 140lb. Strathmore watercolor paper. Copyright 2013 by S. K. Cole, all rights reserved.

Mule Ear Blossoms, Pinecrest, California. Watercolor on 140lb. Strathmore watercolor paper. Copyright 2013 by S. K. Cole, all rights reserved.