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March is Coming

27 Feb

And that means green and good luck:

Shamrocks, oil on canvas panel, Copyright S. K. Cole, 2013, all rights reserved.

Available for sale here. 

Mardis Gras 2013–Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

12 Feb

Beloved “Satchmo” Louis Armstrong:

Paul Simon:

Legendary Zydeco King Clifton Chenier:

More Adventures in Digital Art

11 Feb

From a children’s book project I’ve started (no money, purely for the experience):


Really Old School

7 Feb

This piece is really old school. It’s circa 1977, pre-art school, done when I was just 17 years old.It’s a copy in chalk pastel of a photograph from a vintage early ’70s edition of the National Geographic Magazine. I was living with my older sister, Sharon, at the time. One day, she brought home a book full of samples of various sizes and types of fancy paper from her office job.

The sample paper was excellent for use with chalk pastels. I think it was actually Nekoosa brand, but it was a lot like the more-familiar Canson paper so beloved of pastel artists, so I’ve described it that way. This piece is in tremendous shape for its age, too. I need to get my husband to frame it under glass as there’s no fixative on the pastel. Needless to say, it’s not for sale.

Blonde Ukrainian Girl. Soft chalk pastel on Canson-like paper. Copyright 2013 by S. K. Cole, all rights reserved.

Another chalk pastel piece, I did at the same time, using the same book of sample paper, is this still life of green beans in a rustic bowl. I like looking at  my old stuff and remembering how tough I was on myself, and how I thought that my work was never good enough. Now I realize that I was being way too harsh–that a lot of my early work was actually pretty darn good.

Cliff House Menu

6 Feb

Another old illustration, this is a menu design for the San Francisco Cliff House, circa early 1980s:

The Cliff House. Ink and gouache on cold press illustration board. Copyright 2013 by S. K. Cole, all rights reserved.

S. F. Fire Department Museum

6 Feb

Old Fire Truck. Colored ink and charcoal on matte board. Copyright 2013 by S. K. Cole.

This was drawn/painted on location at the San Francisco Fire Department Museum, sometime in the late 1970s. I loved the way the coiled-up old-fashioned fire hose looked when rendered in charcoal.

This is the only drawing/painting I saved from my old Location Drawing class at the Academy of Art University, which was taught by the legendary, long-time Illustration Department head, Barbara Bradley, who unfortunately passed away in 2002.

More Old Stuff

6 Feb

Fruits and Vegetables, book illustration sample, early 1980s. Ink and gouache on cold-press illustration board:

Fruits and Vegetables, ink and gouache on cold press illustration board. Copyright 2013 by S. K. Cole, all rights reserved.

Noir City

3 Feb

I’ve just returned from Noir City 2013, the annual film noir festival held in San Francisco at the historic Castro Theater. Noir City was founded by an old friend of mine, Eddie Muller, whom I know from my days as a journalist in the shipping industry. I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve been going to the Noir City festival; I think this is my fifth year.

On the double bill today were Street of Chance and The Chase (I didn’t stay for the third feature, The Window).

The theme this year was films based on the writings of the great early-mid 20th Century crime writer, Cornell Woolrich.

Street of Chance gives a rare view of the grizzled character actor Burgess Meredith (Rocky’s cornerman!) as a young leading man. It also stars Claire Trevor, probably the most epochal film noir actress after Barbara Stanwyk.

Meanwhile, The Chase bears a passing resemblance to the David Lynch masterpiece Mulholland Drive, and includes the legendary crime and horror movie “heavy,” Peter Lorre, in a typically shady role.

The Chase can be viewed on YouTube:

Street of Chance is not on YouTube, unfortunately, but I did find a clip of it:

P. S., here’s a good clip with Eddie, known as “The Czar of Noir”, talking about various film noir classics:

If you have any interest at all in the classic film noir genre, Eddie is your guy for viewing recommendations and juicy backstage lore. You can find many of his other talks and interviews by searching on his name at YouTube.


Oldie But Goodie

1 Feb

Lafayette, Calif. Reservoir, 1985:

Lafayette Resevoir. Oil on canvas panel. Copyright S. K. Cole, all rights reserved, 2013.

Lafayette Reservoir, oil on canvas panel, Copyright S. K. Cole, 2013, all rights reserved.